LAN-Lines Limited

LAN-Lines Limited was established to provide broadband connectivity to clients in NZ and Singapore, Sydney and Hawaii through a high-speed data network. The term coined for this was a Digital Trade route.
Based on at least 100Mb/s link on a pay-per-burst business model, the international service is differentiated from the normal Internet service by the choice of a series of ‘known routes’ allowing certainty of higher bandwidth availability.

Beginning with an Ethernet interface, our IP-over fiber Network service is optimized over known international routes and customized for business needs, to create a 10 Mb/s up to 1Gb/s shared data network service, especially suited to discrete, bursting traffic demands.

You only pay based on international data burst usage. You should already have your access connections ­ if not these will have to be established. Quality With guaranteed headroom on the international link, real time applications ­voice, video, file transfer-will be robust quality. This is NOT the Internet, but a form of semi-dedicated service that avoids the internet capacity conflicts.

The user provides security by establishing this at the edge of their own LAN network.

Typical applications include:

Voice over IP:
dial an extension in another country as if it was next-door, using low latency connections and if needed, state of the art IP switches at both ends.

Robust Video Conference over IP:
at 384 Kb/s or anything up to 2Mb/s. Access Grid connectivity can also be delivered.

Large File Transfer:
you can access servers in either location, and transfer files in a "near real time" environment for gigabyte files.

Real Time Applications:
ERP applications requiring input- e.g. order entry in one country to an inventory database in another country-

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