Virtual Locations

The growth of satellite/cable television and the Internet has produced a ground swell of interest in providing content for these media at an affordable price. At the same time television (historically funded by advertising) has been forced to provide more with less funding. This has put pressure on the film production houses to do more with less.

One of the solutions to this has been a "virtual" studio which uses new software technologies and the huge advances in computing power to re-create reality through digital imagery. vLocations is an affordable software product that generates real-time 3D backgrounds from overlapping photographs while merging it at the same time with the virtual studio "action" to create a photo-realistic image. The actors really appear to be "on location".

Our product uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms and software to deliver a product that will dramatically change film production. Instead of needing to go on location to shoot realistic action (which usually involves a large crew), a lone cameraman/photographer collects a range of photographic film images. From these the software extracts 3-D modelling data. Alternatively, instead of taking hours/days of work building 3-D objects to create a model space a digital artist (using already available, familiar software tools) can edit the vLocations™ "model" space to suit their needs in minutes/hours.

Once the images are created, they can be re-used. A production house can re-use or on-sell the images they have created. Post-production houses or film studios can create an extensive library of location backgrounds which can be used by clients using their facilities. Combined with a high speed broadband connection, images can be provided anywhere in the world with the technology to use the images.

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